• John Pluck

Life in a movie - Wild Rose

Why would I review a movie?

Well, we all need to take a break and open our minds on a regular basis and this film ticks so many boxes.

Firstly, as an ex film-maker, this is one of the best crafted films I have seen. Starting with the screenplay by Nicole Taylor which perfectly captures the human spirit and the demons which can bring us down. So many screenplays these days are written by committee and it shows but here, there's not a scene that is out of place or superfluous.

Rose has one talent above - a beautiful voice, supported by a passion for country music - and besides that a life full of challenges. The story is a great lesson about amplifying your strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses, as Peter Drucker suggests to top executives, but it applies to everyone.

Another interesting parallel - is with the current interest in creating a personal brand. The best teachers will always tell you to 'find your own voice' and that is what this heroes journey is about.

Next there is the acting. Julie Walters as Rose's mother makes an excellent attempt at a Glaswegian Accent and gives a true and emotional performance - one of her best. Jessie Buckley absolutely nails it so much so that I wonder if many will fully understand it. Jessie Buckley is superb and deserves to be recognised for her outstanding acting and singing. You would assume she is a native of Glasgow but is actually Irish. She perfectly and authentically captures almost every emotion from the wild and aggressive to heart wrenching vulnerability.

Finally all of this is finely directed by Tom Harper who has brought all of this together.

If you only see one film per year - this is the one for 2019.

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