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makeup artists - upgrading their Gig

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

How to share knowledge with your network to leverage your time.

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The challenge with any freelance job, like being a makeup artist, is that you only have so many hours in a day. When you’re working you get paid, but between jobs you don’t. Some weeks you will have three or four days with no work then three job offers on the same day.

As my friend Sarah found, an answer is to dramatically increase your income by using your network.

Sarah was on the lookout for a range of good skin care products, to recommend and sell to her clients, to give her some extra income. However the big brands required a big commitment from her and didn’t give her a particular edge so she keep looking. Although not particularly into social media, she did have social media friends and one of these was promoting a skin care range and spa treatments so it seemed worth a shot. They met up, Sarah tried some of the products and they were perfect for what she needed – high quality and different to other products on the market.

A few months later – her clients are loving the new products so she started introducing the products to their friends, through pamper parties. Now she was earning more through selling products than from make-up work but also getting more widely known as a MU Artist so also filling up her diary. A double win!

The beauty of this was that a few months later many of those friends were doing the same think, organising their own parties. They earned the retail profits but Sarah received a commission from her expanding business network. That commission soon exceeded her Make Up income and retail sales combined.

Her business has been expanding ever since and that's how Sarah upgraded her income – doubling it twice over

If you’ve heard about the ‘gig’ generation you’ll know it’s nothing to do with gigabits but simply the way that freelances (think musician) refer to jobs. In the near future more than half the people you know will either have side businesses or be looking for some sort of additional income. Gigs are going to become one of the most choices in future employment, weather you’re a computer programmer, designer, make-up artist or solicitor.

Gigs earn you a crust, but leveraging them creates freedom!

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