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there are dream stealers and then there are vampires

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

If you work with a network marketing company this is something you will always have to deal with

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Mark twain said that the two most important days in your life are the day that you’re born and the day that you realise why. It took a long business career before I finally found why – using that experience to help a generation of entrepreneurs realise their dreams.

Business skills can be learned - for most new entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is mindset.

When you start a new business, you’re not only moving out of your comfort zone, you’re moving out of other people’s comfort zones! That’s not going to make you popular. You become an oddity – the 1% who are crazy enough to take risks and do something different.

A few will support you, some won’t care, but the rest will want to put you back in your place, where they are comfortable. Dream stealers are obstacles that you have to face, but some are worse than others. It’s sad to see many entrepreneurs, on the brink of a great future, being brought down by 'friends'. Some are well-meaning, some are simply ignorant and a few are not friends at all. The former you can work with.

These are the ‘well-meaning’ dream stealers. The people who want you to be successful but don’t have your belief or vision. They're scared for you and scared of losing you. So just don’t scare them! Don’t tell them the big picture of how your new venture is going to 'change your life'. Just tell them what you plan to do next week. With any business, you usually start small and selling £100 of products in your first week and making £40 shouldn’t be scary to anyone. Then in the weeks that follow as your business expands you can take your friends with you on your journey.

The vast majority of people I work with in direct sales are women. Some are blessed with supportive partners but others are not so lucky.

Sometimes the person you rely on most to support your business is the one who will destroy it. They can see your business as a threat – possibly to their position as the important breadwinner. Or they’re happy with life as it is and with the version of you that they've got used to.

In a partnership, nothing stays still. You get older and wiser and in an ideal relationship, you’ll grow in different ways and in appreciation of each other. Some people don’t want to grow and they don’t want you to grow either. Bringing a partner like this around, is not easy.

Share your plan and listen to their views.

  • Introduce them to someone who they might respect and who is already experienced and successful in your new business –  a mentor if you have one. An independent person they can relate to, who is sucessfull in your new business and who is knowledgeable about the businesses model.

  • Agree some ground rules, such as how much time you want to devote to your business and how much support you need - make them feel important.

Women tend to start a businesses with spontaneity, because they love the products and potential friendships. Their partners tend to take an interest when they see the money, because that benefit is clear. The problem is, you’re not likely to see much money coming in when you start a new business. These few months or years are the big hurdle and if you can navigate this stage you’re well on your way towards success. Once that extra income has paid off some debts and maybe an extra family holiday, your partner will be on-board.

As you grow personally, accept that some of your friends are not going to grow with you.

You'll need to spend more time with positive and supportive people and less time with those who put you down. You might realise why you were born but most people never ask themselves that question.

Finally, and this is the big one - the Internet is a double-edged sword. Thanks to Google we can find information in seconds. People assume that if it’s on the Internet is likely to be true but unfortunately any malicious person can write what they like on a website or blog.

Google doesn’t differentiate between fact and fantasy.

My mission is to help people achieve their dreams. But the mission of a few bigoted individuals is to destroy dreams. They condemn all direct sales businesses, as a scam and they do it to make a name for themselves.

The public are drawn to negative news, Google unwittingly dives visitors to these scam articles and the owners make money out of the advertising revenue their site can generate. They write essentially the same article and change the title to the most popular companies so they get maximum hits. They are human leeches.

These self-proclaimed experts rarely have experience the businesses they criticise. They tend to regurgitate the same argument, which is fundamentally nonsense, and beyond that resort to digging up tittle-tattle. I say this as an experienced journalist!

So, if you are running your own business, remember that I and others are on your side. Find and use people with credibility to support you.

Every success will make you money and every challenge will make you stronger.

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