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what's your one word?

your one word book

One of the most interesting books I've read recently - ‘Your One Word’ by Evan Carmichael. Now if you don’t already know Evan, his YouTube channel is probably the best curation of motivational content you'll find and well worth subscribing to.

This book came out of his experience of creating that YouTube channel and very successful brand. It’s certainly been very helpful to me and it will probably be to you.

So what’s this book about?

Well, if I ask you to describe the things that you care about you'll probably come up with a long list of words and phrases like…. Motivation, Energy, Love, Work, Growth, Family, Helping Others, Being Successful....

All these things that interest you are valid but they make it difficult to see through to what is the core thing that defines you.

Knowing your one word is important for two reasons.

  • Firstly, your word could provide the foundation for everything you want to achieve in life. When things get difficult (which they will) you need something to keep you on-course and keep you motivated. That word will be your rudder.

  • Secondly, we live in a noisy world. You stand little chance of success today if your customers can’t, almost immediately, appreciate what you are about and why it should matter to them.

Just as one focus is very powerful, so is one word.

How do you find your one word?

Start by taking out a sheet of paper and writing three lists of words and phrases...

1 Favourite Things

  • What are your favourite books and what are the themes they have in common?

  • What are your favourite films and what do they have in common?

  • Your favourite Quotes?

  • What are your favourite songs and musicians and what do they have in common?

 2 Constant Interests

  • What have you always been interested in?

  • What do you never get bored with?

3 People and Personalities

  • Think of the people you enjoy being with. What do they have in common?

  • Whom do you admire and why?

  • What quality do you see in others that you would like to have more of yourself?

  • Then conversely - what kind of people do you hate being around and what is it you dislike about them? Then write down the opposite of these things - so if you hate people who disrespect others your positive word might be respect.

Next, look at the list you have created. Do you see some common themes? If so highlight them, sleep on it and look at the list tomorrow.

Distil these words and phrases down till you find the one word that links them all. This is 'your' word.

  • It’s your brand. It’s what you truly care about for yourself and others. It’s the word that you can remind yourself about on the days when things get tough.

  • And in a noisy world, it’s one easy word that customers will remember.

  • I believe you'll find this a very a very worth while exercise.

So what’s my ‘one word’? – Fulfillment.

Why? - I’ve been in business for forty years. I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs (and would-be entrepreneurs). It’s a simple fact that most people pop their head out of the ground with a view to moving their life forwards only to jump back down into their comfort hole as soon as they see something challenging.  However, a few get up, start walking and don’t look back. These are the achievers who fulfil their lives and change the lives of others. It’s not that they are smart or gifted, they just do it.

We all have two lives - the life that we are living and the life we could be living. The greatest loss in the world is the difference between those two lives.

There's a common denominator in the human experience. What we all want, is to be able to live the truest, highest expression of ourselves as a human being. No matter where you are in your life, there's always the next level.  Until you’ve used your value as a human being, till your last breath, you're not done. Oprah Winfrey

That’s why Oprah has never stopped. That’s what keeps me going. 

My goal is simply to help people I meet towards achieving fulfillment in their life.

Evans Your One Word book is about how to find your one word and apply it to both yourself and your business. It’s available in print, Kindle and audio.

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